TLV® CORPORATION appoints Moody-Price, L.L.C., located at 18320 Petroleum Drive,
Baton Rouge, LA 70809, as a TLV Distributor.

TLV CORPORATION® is pleased to announce the appointment of Moody-Price, L.L.C, as a distributor of TLV® Products effective August 31, 2018.

TLV®, which stands for “Trouble Less Valves,” was founded in 1950 by an R & D Engineer on the principle of
providing powerful technical solutions for steam, condensate, & air system challenges. Products manufactured by
TLV® include; Free Float®, QuickTrap®, and PowerDyne® steam traps, Trap-Valve Stations and manifolds,
TrapMan® condition diagnostic systems for effective management of a steam trap population, PowerTrap®
condensate systems, separators, air traps, COSPECT® pressure reducing valves, and MC-COS® automated control
valves. TLV® has over 68 years technical experience providing solutions to problems in diverse industries including;
Refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Power facilities, Pulp/paper, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Textile, Tire
& Rubber manufacturing, Universities, Hospitals and other steam plants.

TLV’s® philosophy, “Providing Engineered Solutions,” is a dedication to deliver exceptional product value and
high quality technical service to help solve system or application problems. As a result of TLV’s® emphasis on
process quality, ISO 9001 certification was received in December, 1991 after only ten months from initiating the
application with Lloyd’s® Registry. TLV® also has achieved ISO’s 14001 environmental certification since 1996. To
maintain technical services quality & consistency, all members in TLV’s® Consulting & Engineering Services
Department (CES®), whether Consulting Specialist, Application Engineer, or Project Engineer; must possess a 4
year Engineering Degree as a minimum credential, and are required to achieve federally-recognized, Certified
Energy Manager (AEE CEM, IEP PEM, NCSU), or DOE Steam Specialist designation in their first year.

TLV’s® patented Free Float® steam traps are recognized for tight-seal design to prevent steam losses even in the
most demanding high pressure applications, providing the best combination of reliability & energy conservation.
TLV’s® PowerDyne® disc traps incorporate seating surfaces polished to a “mirror finish” for exceptional sealing
against leakage, offer inline replaceable modules, and include a patented thermostatic air vent for fast start-up.
Maximum maintenance ease is achieved with TLV’s® QuickTrap® Series, which utilize a permanently mounted,
stainless steel combination strainer and 2-bolt quick connector. These enable a trap change-out in minutes with
either a Free Float®, PowerDyne®, or Thermostatic model. TLV’s® PowerTrap range provides complete condensate
drainage solutions for optimizing heat exchanger performance or condensate recovery. TLV’s® COSPECT®, “fourin-
one” pressure regulator, separator, noise attenuator & steam trap is unique in the world. Its range includes the
MC-COS® automated control valve and actuator with controller capabilities that allow for substantial control
performance improvements over traditional PID control.

Please join us in welcoming Moody-Price, L.L.C as they bring these and other TLV® “Engineered Solutions” to help
achieve the risk mitigation, cost reduction, and optimized performance goals targeted by your facility.

James R. Risko, CEM, PEM